Undead Diva Sexy Vampire Costume

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Oil Painting 'Costanza Caetani 1480-90, Style Of Domenico Ghirlandaio', 8 x 12 inch / 20 x 32 cm , on High Definition HD canvas prints is for Gifts And Foyer, Gym And Hallway Decoration

Oil Painting ‘Costanza Caetani 1480-90, Style Of Domenico Ghirlandaio’, 8 x 12 inch / 20 x 32 cm , on High Definition HD canvas prints is for Gifts And Foyer, Gym And Hallway Decoration


Beautiful Paint on Canvas no frame, no stretch ,Costanza Caetani 1480-90, Style of Domenico Ghirlandaio, is for Home Decoration, or Wall Art Decoration, Home Decor. There are fiber canvas, cotton canvas, or linen canvas. And it is also the best gift for your relatives, or girl friend and boy friend….

Undead Diva Vampire Costume

Undead Diva Vampire Costume


Stand Up Collar Top, Corset, Ruffle Skirt, Necklace. Fence Net Pantyhose Sold Separately….

Women's Vampire Vixen Costume

Women’s Vampire Vixen Costume


Most people say that being a vampire is terrible. They call it a curse, they try to kill vampires with stakes, eat lots of garlic, whatever they can think of. But why? Really? Being a vampire sounds kind of awesome. Sure, there’s the whole being undead for all of eternity thing, and the eternal damnation thing, we’re not saying those aren’t negatives, they certainly are. But you’ve got to look at the silver lining (ooh, not silver since you’re allergic now). Think of the positives: Never getting older, getting wrinkled or bad joints. Vampires probably can’t get cancer or hangnails or anything. It’s easy to embrace the plus side when you’re wearing this costume. It features a dark red mini dress with black lace and a long black velvet overskirt that has a batwing-cut hem. You’ll feel one with the night in the classic vamp high collar and the wide lace sleeves. So embrace your newfound life as the undead elite. How else can you pull off a big collar, blood red lipstick, and those fishnet stockings?So listen, we know you’ve been feeling down in the dumps that you were turned into a vampire and you’re not sure what to do now but you can’t help drinking people’s blood. That’s only natural. But you’re beautiful, friend. Just take a look in the mirror- Huh, you know what never mind, that might not work for you. Just trust us that you’re not just a vampire now, but a vampire vixen, the sexiest creature of the shadows there is. And you’ll need a wardrobe that shows it, like this sexy costume. Just don’t be surprised when your friends are all jealous. Anyone who isn’t happy for you turning into a vampire vixen isn’t a true friend anyway. We’ll stake our reputation on it. Whoops, poor choice of words! We cross our hearts- nope, that doesn’t work. Let’s just say being sexy is in your blood.

Boy's Undead Stalker Costume

Boy’s Undead Stalker Costume


Undead Stalker Child Costume Zombie grave robber or tomb dwelling Vampire Demon? Vampire or Undertaker? Costume includes: Long sleeve overcoat with spider-web accents, tall hat with emblem on front with spider-web detailing and armbands. Available Sizes: Size: Large (10-12) Pants, shoes, and make-up not included. Additional Sizes Available: Child size Medium Pre-Teen (14-16) Teen (20-22)

Men's Undead Costume

Men’s Undead Costume


Undead Stalker Medium Adult Costume Vampire or Undertaker? He might be lurking around for you. Costume includes: Overcoat with spider web accents, armbands, tall hat with emblem on front with spider web detailing. Available Sizes: Medium 42-44 Shoes and makeup are not included.

Men's Undead Stalker Costume

Men’s Undead Stalker Costume


Undead Stalker Large Adult Look out, He’s Right Behind You. Costume includes: long sleeve overcoat with spider web accents, tall hat with emblem on front with spider web detailing and armbands. Available Sizes: Large 46-48 Shoes and makeup are not included.

Vampire Costume

Vampire Costume


When you think about it, vampires and stage magicians have a lot in common. They both try to dress up their true aims in a fancy old-fashioned costume, using a dramatic presentation and distracting sleight-of-hand techniques. And while most people consider these sneaky types more than a little charming, things can change pretty quickly when it comes time for some audience participation!Because it’s all in good fun when you’re just another face watching from the crowd. But when you’re the one getting sawed in half, you start to think a bit more critically about the situation. Like, is there a doctor around just in case Marv the Magnificent here botches the magical stitches when he’s putting you back together? Why didn’t you phone a friend, or consult with your lawyer about this? And why didn’t they make you fill out any paperwork after they pulled you out of your seat?Same thing with vampires. When an undead baron from Central Europe is gnawing on somebody else’s jugular, it looks downright romantic. But when it’s your neck—well, hopefully we’ll never have to finish that sentence. Just to be safe, maybe you ought to put on this spectacular Vampire Costume and start keeping odd hours. It’s not a bad idea to learn a couple of card tricks, or how to pull a coin out from behind someone’s ear. And get used to feigning a garlic allergy: it could save your life. Because among magicians and vampires alike, there’s still such a thing as professional respect!

Women's Cruel Diva Costume

Women’s Cruel Diva Costume


Cruel Diva Adult Costume Dalmatians are a girl’s best friend. Includes: Red, black and white bustier, asymmetrical skirt, wrap, choker, and wrist cuffs. Available Size: Small 4-6 Medium 8-10 Large 12-14 Wig, red gloves, fishnet stockings, cigarette holder and shoes are not included.

Women's Dalmatian Diva Costume

Women’s Dalmatian Diva Costume


Dalmatian Diva Adult Costume Watch out for this Cruel Diva! Costume includes: Dalmatian-print midi dress with front zipper, faux-fur collar and ribbon-tie back slit. Includes shiny vinyl belt and dog bone accessory. Available Sizes: Small 2-6 Medium 6-10 Large 10-14 Extra Large 14-16 Plus Size 1X/2X 16-18 Wig, jewerly, cigarette holder and shoes are not included.

Women's Vampire Costume

Women’s Vampire Costume


Sexy Gothic Vampire Adult Costume Watch Out. . . She Bites! Costume Includes: Dark, Gothic halter-back dress with attached collar and sleeves. Available Sizes: Small Medium Large

Plus Midnight Vampire Costume

Plus Midnight Vampire Costume


So, it’s been a while since your hay day. You were once the ruler over a vast plot of land in a grand British castle and, before that, might have even had a lordship and a hundred fold of servants who were really eager to serve your every need. Unfortunately, things appear to have changed a bit over the many decades and now, your once fearful might and grand nobility is considered little more than a potential cast member of the latest high school love interest. Admittedly, it’s been a sad development.Vampires are well written about thanks largely to their perfect mix of fear and fascination. They are noble and monstrous, regal and revolting. Sure, they want to drink blood but also seek to maintain a high lifestyle while doing so… even if they have given up true life a long, long time ago. So, after they have worked hard to achieve their perfect look in elegant attire and the perfect hair style or well-sharpened canines, the real royal vampire knows that they are not yet done. For, one fact remains true whether you are among the living wealthy or the undead aristocracy: the clothes make the monster!And, we’re ready to help you out with this Midnight Vampire costume. This polyester shirt and vest feature bright white sleeves and gathered cuffs for a Victorian look, while the vest has brilliant silver-tone buttons and a textured gray and white look that offers the noble flair… albeit of a time long passed. The black cape reaches over your shoulder for the ionic look of the Vampire Lords and fastens with a matching silver-tone chain connecting to gleaming buttons. Accessorize yourself with a vampiric cane or even go as far as to garb some friends in peasant vestments to feel like the undead aristocrat you are. Bella and Buffy be damned! (But, seriously, watch out for the second one!)

Girls Vampire Costume

Girls Vampire Costume


The world of darkness hides many secrets beyond the veil. We mere mortals like to think we have a clue about what goes on in the shadows, but it is only a few assumptions that we grasp onto in hopes that we have a chance to defend ourselves. But, the most tragic mistake the mortal world can make is to believe those silly conclusions about the supernatural world. It lets us look at film or common convention and assume that one mystical monster is vulnerable to this or that so we can wander into the darkness, full of confidence that they know everything to be said about the world of darkness… only to never return!Imagine the Vampire Lord, for example. We’ve got a pretty clear depiction: a mighty man of mysterious power who can look into your eyes and command you to do all that he wants. He might take the form of a bat or wolf at his whim or even puff into mist to sneak his way into your home. Oh, no, he couldn’t do that until he was invited and, even then, a simple ward of garlic and you’re safe, right?But that’s the real trick! The Vampire Lord isn’t the master of the undead at all. You know the truth, thanks to the charming eye of your tyke who has convinced you to find this elegant Vampire costume! The black and maroon fabric is regal, even more when your lordly kiddo waves their undead arms and fans out these knit mesh wings with finger loops! The silver-tone bat charm and its vivid red faux gem clearly possess some serious magical mojo, but nothing nearly as potent as the smile your Vampirelet is going to give once a few mortal victims gasp in surprise at the true ruler of the darkness!

Undead and Unwary

Undead and Unwary


How do you out-devil the devil? For Vampire queen Betsy Taylor, the answer is relativeliterallyas MaryJanice Davidson’s sexy, steamy, and laugh-out-loud funny ( Booklist ) New York Times bestselling series continues

Women's Classic Vampire Costume

Women’s Classic Vampire Costume


You might think that being a Vampire hasn’t changed much over the years, but oh boy, would you be wrong. Vampires in the 21st century have evolved and learned to use technology to enhance their “profession”. Done are the endless face-to-face searches for fresh necks for biting. (There’s an app for that.) And the macabre dungeon dwelling parties of lore? Truth be told, most expat Transylvanians don’t even have castles anymore! Yup, most Vampires have warehouse lofts in gentrified neighborhoods where they hold their late night soirees.If you have your sights set on being a Vampire, don’t let all this new stuff scare you off. Even the trendiest Vampires know that a classic look is as timeless as the undead state of being itself. And you can get a iconic vampiress look with this classic vampire costume! The elegant velvet and mesh gown will transform you into a Transylvanian vixen, and with signature details like high collar, wide bell sleeves and golden braid trim, you’re going to be standing out. And it won’t matter whether you’ve got a smartphone to make your “neck matches” or even if you still prefer to send messages by bat—you’re going to feel like a real deal supernatural villain in this exotic look. Get it to make this Halloween the most macabre to date!

Vampire Count Costume

Vampire Count Costume


Ready to step up onto the scene as a top Vampire Count of Transylvanian descent? Sure, you could just wear your street clothes, but what’s the fun in that? You’re going to want to have an authentic look that shows you’re a count who’s ready to show off his fangs, and this costume will deliver. With an elegantly styled vest and shirt combination, it will provide an easy way to step into the role of a dark count of the night. And with an attached cape, you might even start to feel like Transylvanian royalty!Now we have to forewarn you, you’re going to find out that when you’re a member of the undead you’re going to spend your days sleeping and your nights partying. And as vampires go, these sunlight haters generally love to party in their castles very late into the wee hours of the night. We’re sure you have what it takes to join their ranks! Just become one of the hippest looking bloodsuckers by going in this great ghoulish costume. And let us know how the party goes, we’re dying to know…

Immortal Vampire Women's Costume

Immortal Vampire Women’s Costume


Immortal Sexy Adult Costume This She Devil Has a Bite You’ll Remember Forever! Includes: Crepe baby doll mini dress, black chiffon cape with stand up collar and matching gloves. Available Sizes: Small (6-8) Medium (10-12) Large (14-16) Extra Large (18-20) Boots and fishnets sold separately.

Women's Playboy Vampire Costume

Women’s Playboy Vampire Costume


Playboy Vamptease Adult Costume She’s Dying To Suck Your Blood! This costume includes a velvet dress with red satin trim, back lacing, bell shaped sleeves, vampire inspired collar with jeweled Playboy Rabbit Head closure. Available sizes: Extra-Small (2-4) Small (6-8) Medium (10-12) Boots sold separately. ** This is a close-out item. All sales final. No exchanges. No returns. **

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