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Rubies Man of Steel Deluxe Black Suit Muscle Chest Child's Superman Costume, Large

Rubies Man of Steel Deluxe Black Suit Muscle Chest Child’s Superman Costume, Large


Rubie’s Costume Company has designed quality costume and fun clothing for decades. Trusted to be the leader of cosplay, Halloween, and general decor items, Rubie’s does not sacrifice quality for price. Expect the highest in costume design and material with Rubie’s….

Rubie's Costume Co. Justice League Deluxe Adult Superman Costume, Plus Size

Rubie’s Costume Co. Justice League Deluxe Adult Superman Costume, Plus Size


DELUXE Superman costume padded shirt, pants with attached 3D Boot-Tops, and cape. Men’s Plus designed to fit jacket size 46 to 50, with a 33-inch inseam. OFFICIALLY LICENSED DC Comics Justice League costume, items shipped and sold by Amazon are guaranteed authentic. Put together your own band of Superheroes – or villains – with Rubie’s costumes and accessories from DC Comics. Rubie’s brings fun an…

Men's Deluxe Superman Costume

Men’s Deluxe Superman Costume


Men’s Deluxe Superman Costume Become your favorite superhero ! Costume Includes: Padded jumpsuit, 3D boot tops, and cape. Available Size: One size fits most adults up to size 44.

Men's Superman Costume

Men’s Superman Costume


Superman Adult Costume Faster Than A Speeding Bullet… Includes: Cape, jumpsuit with attached boot tops and belt. Available Sizes: Large Extra Large This is an officially licensed Superman product.

Grand Heritage Superman Costume

Grand Heritage Superman Costume


Grand Heritage Dawn Of Justice Superman Adult Costume Protect Metropolis from all foes even if that includes the caped crusader. Includes: Padded jumpsuit with molded logo, molded gauntlets, 3D boot tops, and red cape. Available Size: Standard 42-44 Extra Large 46-52 This is an officially licensed DC Comics Batman V Superman product.

Men's Superman Muscle Costume

Men’s Superman Muscle Costume


Superman Muscle Chest Plus Size Adult Costume The man of steel is also known as the reporter Clark Kent and Kal El by native Kryptonians. Costume includes: Muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, cape, and belt. Available Size: Plus Size 44-50 This is an officially licensed Superman & DC Comics costume.

Adult Superhero Boots - Red Superman Costume Boots

Adult Superhero Boots – Red Superman Costume Boots


When you are ready to hit the streets, skies, or even the dark depths of the deep sea, it’s obvious that you have to have your superpowers ready to go. You need to present those amazing gifts to a whole new generation throughout the world and inspire them to feel that sense of hope… that the coming days might be dangerous and frightening, but that they can stand up and face that darkness just the same way that you can! Nobody questions that! But, there are a few out there that miss the nuance of that message. And, more importantly, the fact that you can hardly send that message if you’re showing up in a basic shirt, jeans, and your basic tennis shoes! Your powers may indeed be mighty, but your wanting public and the most famous of superheroes know the costume is crucial.)So, since we all agree, let’s take time to note that the spandex shorts and flowing cape aren’t enough, folks! You’ve got to have a costume from head to toe and, today, we’re going to focus on the toes. Your costume is near perfect, but you need a little bit of that dazzle for your superfeet. Do so with these Adult Red Superhero Boots. Finish up a perfect Superman or Flash with these Adult Superhero Boots. The shining red vinyl gives them a solid leather-like look and a keen V front shape that will edge you right into Victory. A soft padded interior and a back zipper ensure that this is the perfect accessory for your costume, reliably fit and super comfortable, perfect for walking and flying.

Superhero Superman Superwoman Fancy Dress kvinner Costume

Superhero Superman Superwoman Fancy Dress kvinner Costume


Typer:Kostume; Kostyme Type:Superhelter; Stoff:Polyester; H?jtid:Karneval,Halloween; Omfatter:Hodeplagg,Kappe,Armb?nd,Kjole; Kj?nn:Kvinnelig; Vekt (kg):0.2; Buste (cm):84-90; Midje (cm):58-75

Superhero Superman Superwoman udkl?dning Kvinders Costume

Superhero Superman Superwoman udkl?dning Kvinders Costume


Types:Kostume; Kostume Type:Super Helte; Stof:Polyester; H?jtid:Karneval,Halloween; Omfatter:Hovedt?j,Kappe,Armb?nd,Kjole; K?n:Kvindelig; V?gt (kg):0.2; Buste (cm):84-90; Talje (cm):58-75




Seventy-five years after he came to life, Superman remains one of America’s most adored and enduring heroes. Now Larry Tye, the prize-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author of Satchel, has written the first full-fledged history not just of the Man of Steel but of the creators, designers, owners, and performers who made him the icon he is today. Legions of fans from Boston to Buenos Aires can recite the story of the child born Kal-El, scion of the doomed planet Krypton, who was rocketed to Earth as an infant, raised by humble Kansas farmers, and rechristened Clark Kent. Known to law-abiders and evildoers alike as Superman, he was destined to become the invincible champion of all that is good and justand a star in every medium from comic books and comic strips to radio, TV, and film. But behind the high-flying legend lies a true-to-life saga every bit as compelling, one that begins not in the far reaches of outer space but in the middle of America’s heartland. During the depths of the Great Depression, Jerry Siegel was a shy, awkward teenager in Cleveland. Raised on adventure tales and robbed of his father at a young age, Jerry dreamed of a hero for a boy and a world that desperately needed one. Together with neighborhood chum and kindred spirit Joe Shuster, young Siegel conjured a human-sized god who was everything his creators yearned to be: handsome, stalwart, and brave, able to protect the innocent, punish the wicked, save the day, and win the girl. It was on Superman’s muscle-bound back that the comic book and the very idea of the superhero took flight. Tye chronicles the adventures of the men and women who kept Siegel and Shuster’s Man of Tomorrow aloft and vitally alive through seven decades and counting. Here are the savvy publishers and visionary writers and artists of comics’ Golden Age who ushered the red-and-blue-clad titan through changing eras and evolving incarnations; and the actorsincluding George Reeves and Christopher Reevewho brought the Man of Steel to life on screen, only to succumb themselves to all-too-human tragedy in the mortal world. Here too is the poignant and compelling history of Siegel and Shuster’s lifelong struggle for the recognition and rewards rightly due to the architects of a genuine cultural phenomenon. From two-fisted crimebuster to ber-patriot, social crusader to spiritual savior, Supermanperhaps like no other mythical character before or sincehas evolved in a way that offers a Rorschach test of his times and our aspirations. In this deftly realized appreciation, Larry Tye reveals a portrait of America over seventy years through the lens of that otherworldly hero who continues to embody our best selves. Praise for Superman Engaging, fun, inspiringlike the Man of Steel.The Huffington Post Powerful . . . wonderfully readable. The Plain Dealer A story as American as Superman himself . . . The best origin story pulsing through Superman is not the one ab

DC Superhero Girls Supergirl Deluxe Costume

DC Superhero Girls Supergirl Deluxe Costume


Get your cape on! Even superheroes have to go to school to learn how to use their abilities, and super-schools don’t get much better than Super Hero High. Your little superhero-in-training will have a great time learning the ropes while dressed up in this Supergirl Deluxe Costume, from the DC Superhero Girls cartoon!Boy, if you think attending Super Hero High sounds tough, imagine going there with the word “super” already in your name! That’s what Supergirl runs into everyday at class. Her uncle, Superman (maybe you’ve heard of him), may be one of the most legendary heroes in history, but she’s still getting the hang of all her powers. Sure, she can fly faster than a speeding bullet, but she still trips over her own feet when she walks. And while her super heat vision can be pretty formidable, she doesn’t know if she’s going to accidentally blast a hole in the wall whenever she tries using it! She keeps on trying, though, and is always ready to share some of her optimism with her friends.She’s going to be a great superhero someday when she gets the knack of all her powers, but she’s already got a super-sense of fashion. The one-piece dress features a pleated skirt, and the big, sparkling symbol of Supergirl’s family, the House of El, on the front. The most heroic feature is definitely the costume’s detachable red cape, which is sure to flutter majestically in the wind, wherever she goes. When your super girl dons this super costume, she’s sure to have a time that will be positively… well, super!

Men's Superhero Hoopster Costume

Men’s Superhero Hoopster Costume


Superhero Hoopster Adult Costume Everybody secretly wishes they could be a superhero and with this costume, you will get your chance to be a really big one! Includes: Full-length one piece jumpsuit costume with insignia on the front with cape and hoop sewn in waist to make costume look bigger, and mask. Red/Black/Yellow. Available Sizes: One size fits most adults Shoes are not included.

Toddler Superman Costume

Toddler Superman Costume


Superman Toddler Costume This cute Justice League member’s secret identity is Clark Kent! Includes: Character jumpsuit and red superhero cape. Available Sizes: 2T-4T (1-2yrs) Shoes Not Included

Deluxe Batman v Superman Costume for Adults

Deluxe Batman v Superman Costume for Adults


DC fans have been asking the big questions for a long, long time… no, not the meaning of life or whatever… we’re talking about who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman? Finally, the big summer kick-off Zack Snyder popcorn flick geeksplosion, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, attempts to answer that very controversial question. So, we can all stop talking about who would win. But wait, can we really?Mild spoilers here, but Batman should have totally won that match-up. Okay, so it probably all worked out in the end, because they saved the world and everything, but we feel like Batman just didn’t get to show geeks, once and for all, just how smart he is. He’s so smart, that Batman. He comes up with all the tricks of the superhero trade so he can beat just about anyone, and we mean anyone. You think some pretty boy with lasers for eyes could actually beat Batman? That’s right, we’re starting that debate again even after this movie came out!Our case in point? Batman is so smart he wears this Deluxe Adult Dawn of Justice Batman Costume, which features a jumpsuit, belt, boot tops and mask. It’s inspired by Ben Affleck’s costume from the hit film, with dark grey suit and wide bat symbol on the chest. Now that you’ve stepped into the suit, (smart choice!) you’ve also chosen your side in this fight and this costume will prepare you for all your Superman fightin’ (and partyin’) needs.

Boy's Superman Deluxe Costume

Boy’s Superman Deluxe Costume


Superman Deluxe Child Costume It’s a bird…it’s a plane…It’s Superman! Perfect for your little superhero! Includes: Padded muscle jumpsuit with 3D boot tops, belt, and cape. Available sizes: Small 4-6 Medium 8-10 Large 12-14 This is an officially licensed DC Comics costume.

Superman Muscle Boy's Costume

Superman Muscle Boy’s Costume


Superman w/ Muscle Chest Child Costume Real Muscle Chest To Make You Look Like An Actual Superhero! Costume Includes: Blue jumpsuit with “S” insignia, attached 3-d muscle chest & red boot tops, red cape and a yellow belt. Available sizes: Small (4-6) Medium (8-10) Large (12-14) This is the officially licensed SUPERMAN costume. Look for the other members of the Justice League!

Superman Pet Costume

Superman Pet Costume


Pet Costume Superman The ultimate costume for your superdog! Dog Costume Includes: Blue costume with traditional logos in rhinestone detail on the cape and also on the glittery gold belt. Available Sizes: Small – Fits small pets 10″-12″ long from neck to tail. Medium – Fits medium pets 14″-16″ long from neck to tail. Large – Fits pets 18″-20″ long from neck to tail. Extra Large – Fits pets 22″-24″ long from neck to tail

Superman T-Shirt Costume

Superman T-Shirt Costume


Normally when you think of Superman hard at work fending off certain doom and utter destruction, you think of him wearing his classic spandex suit. Well, every now and again the Man of Steel prefers a little more comfort. It is on those days when he pops on this Superman T-shirt Costume. It is designed to look exactly like his regular superhero disguise but is secretly a hundred times comfier. When ole Clark is wearing this bad boy, he is even a hundred times stronger and faster.Just a heads up, this tee may not give you the chiseled body of a god or the ability of flight. However, with the abs printed on the front and the cape fluttering behind you, people may actually start to wonder if you’re the hero we’ve all been waiting for. Oh and just a reminder, you don’t need powers to be a hero, even Superman could tell you that.

Superman Bunting Costume

Superman Bunting Costume


Deluxe Superman Bunting Infant Costume The Baby Hero, Superman! Costume includes: Bunting with cape and fabric fastener bottom. Available size: Fits newborn up to 9 months This is an officially licensed Superman™ Justice League™ costume. ™ & © DC Comics.

Superman Boy's Costume

Superman Boy’s Costume


Superman Returns Child Costume The Return of the DC Legend! Costume includes: Jumpsuit with logo, briefs, belt, boot tops, and cape attached. Available sizes: Small (4-6) Medium (8-10) Large (12-14) This is an officially licensed Superman™ Returns costume, © DC Comics.

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