Police Officer Costume Plus Size

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Swat Officer Police Costume, Boy's Size Large, 12-14

Swat Officer Police Costume, Boy’s Size Large, 12-14


Swat Officer Childs Costume…

Young Heroes Child Police Officer Costume, Small

Young Heroes Child Police Officer Costume, Small


Rubie’s Costume Company has designed quality costume and fun clothing for decades. Trusted to be the leader of cosplay, halloween, and general decor items, Rubie’s does not sacrifice quality for price. Expect the highest in costume design and material with Rubie’s….

Escante Women's Plus-Size Plus One Size Bedroom Off Duty Cop For Play, Navy

Escante Women’s Plus-Size Plus One Size Bedroom Off Duty Cop For Play, Navy


Off Duty Cop Plus size dress with belt, badge, and tie neckpiece…

Women's Police Officer Costume

Women’s Police Officer Costume


Officer Plus Size Adult Costume You can’t resist this arresting beauty! Costume includes: Mini dress with waist cincher, tie and police hat. Available Size: 1X-2X Boots and stockings NOT included.

Men's Police Officer Costume

Men’s Police Officer Costume


Courageous Police Officer Adult Costume Policeman play good cop bad cop to get the prisoner in jail Costume Includes: shirt with metal badge, pants, utility belt with holster, pouch, handcuff case and traditional hat. Available Sizes: Standard 42-44 2XL 48-50 True blue protect and serve law enforcement hero. Glasses and shoes not included. Add a bullet proof vest and gun to complete your uniform and be ready to write citations.

Police Officer Child Costume

Police Officer Child Costume


Police Officer Toddler Costume Perfect for cops and robbers! Costume includes: Blue police shirt, pants, handcuffs and police hat. Available Sizes: Extra Small (Fits boys size 2-4) Baton and shoes not included. Additonal Sizes: Small (4-6) Medium (8-10) Care instructions – hand wash cold, line dry, do not bleach, and do not iron.

Girls Police Officer Costume

Girls Police Officer Costume


Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do when this tiny cop comes for you? Don’t let her statue deceive you – this girl cop is ready to take you downtown if you are causing mischief! The smaller the cop is in size, the bigger they are in their ability to make an arrest!Have you been looking to get a top cop in your house? Just outfit your child with this Girl’s Police Officer costume and you’ll have a crime stopper who’s ready to work the beat. With badges and fun costume details, we’re sure any public safety department will be looking to recruit her. If she takes the job, just make sure stops all of that crime before nap time!This girls police officer costume comes with everything she needs to be prepared for her first night on the job! The short sleeve shirtwaist dress has an elastic back waistband for a comfortable fit and it also has center-front buttons for added detail. The left pocket on the chest is functional and has a flap for a place to pin her badge. The black faux leather belt has a silver plastic buckle and the toy handcuffs can be hung from the belt. Don’t forget about the hat! The hat has faux patent leather bill and band and you can pin the second badge to the front of it. Add a toy billy club and a pair of black costume boots for a complete look that is ready for crime fighting all Halloween night long!

Naughty Patrol Police Officer Costume Set

Naughty Patrol Police Officer Costume Set


Naughty Patrol Police Officer Costume Set Sexy lycra net halter, tie back halter babydoll with vinyl accents and matching thong. Includes matching police hat and attached plastic badge. Available Sizes: Queen

Plus Size Playful Police Costume

Plus Size Playful Police Costume


We get it. Working as a police officer is tough work! Maybe tonight, we can just hang up the handcuffs and watch some Netflix. It might seem like a good idea until your phone starts blowing up. But this time, it’s not the commissioner calling, nope, it’s your gal pals and they need the life of the party to show up at their soiree. (Hint: that’s you!) So if you need the perfect look for the hours working on your daily beat, and something that still looks fantastic when it’s time to punch the timeclock and hit the town, then this plus size costume is the look for you. This alluring police costume isn’t an official cop uniform, but we think that maybe it should be! The one piece dress looks like a skirt and uniform top combination, and has the perfect cut for a female officer. This uniform set also comes with a belt, tie, hat, gloves, and a badge. The badge and the hat make you look like an official officer, the short sleeves and a tulle pettiskirt on the dress help you achieve the playful style. Just remember to take it easy on all your fellow party-goers and remember that it’s all supposed to be fun and games!This exclusive costume is made and designed by us, and you’re only going to find it right here at HalloweenCostumes.com. In sizes 1X-3X, we’re sure to have just the right fit for any woman who is ready to serve and protect. Go with the classic police officer look in this plus size Playful Police costume, and you’ll feel ready to fire up your sirens and hit the town!

Women's Officer Costume

Women’s Officer Costume


Arresting Police Officer Plus Size Costume Watch out for this Sexy Cop! Costume includes: Button front dress with badge detail, belt, tie and fingerless gloves. Available Sizes: 1X/2X Hat, stockings and shoes not included.

Women's Corrections Officer Costume

Women’s Corrections Officer Costume


Corrections Officer Adult Costume Keep Your Prisoners Under Control Costume Includes: Button front dress with vinyl accents, Hat, Neck tie, Belt with chains, Police Handcuffs and Billy club. Materials: Polyester, Rayon, and Spandex. Available sizes: Small 2-6 Medium 6-10 Large 10-14 16-18 18-20

Police Officer Costume - Adult Police Costumes

Police Officer Costume – Adult Police Costumes


Here’s the thing: nobody ever seems to want our police costumes with oversize sleeves, but they never stop talking about the long arm of the law. And we aren’t ones to give up on a case, but we’re also not really police officers, detectives, or law enforcement of any kind. So we’re turning in our badges, so to speak, and we’re sticking with this traditional costume, which comes with a shirt that will only cover your biceps. Anything below the elbow is on you, rookie! And we don’t just mean that literally.Every inch of the other pieces stays true to the sleek, blue, all-business look associated with the men and women who serve and protect the American public. The pants are full-length, the hat has one of those super-cool visors, and the handcuffs are, well, plastic toy handcuffs. Frankly, it’s for the best. Because if this costume looked any more like the real thing, we couldn’t let you wear it until you’d graduated from the academy!All you’ll need to provide is footwear, because even though justice is blind and everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, each person still has a unique pair of feet. Plus, you may prefer the boots of a beat cop, whereas we’ll take any old pair of boogie shoes if it means we’ll get to spend more time patrolling the dance floor! And either way, there’s nothing wrong with adding a pair of aviators or a fake mustache.

Women's Police Costume

Women’s Police Costume


Officer Arrest Me Adult Costume If you resist, she may have to use excessive force! Costume includes: button front dress with a detachable belt, vinyl hat and police handcuffs Available Sizes: Small/Medium Medium/Large 1X/2X $52.99 3X/4X $52.99 Stockings and Boots not included.

Men's Strip Search Officer Costume

Men’s Strip Search Officer Costume


TSA Strip Search Officer Adult Costume Watch out at the Airport! Costume Includes: Police like Button front shirt with tie, “Airport Security, Strip Search Unit” patch, and removable “Officer Ken I. Seymour” name badge. Available Sizes: Extra Large Pants and shoes not included.

Women's Tactical Police Plus Size Costume

Women’s Tactical Police Plus Size Costume


Be a member of the elite law enforcement unit! So, you think that you’re a pretty tough chick, huh? If you think you got what it takes to protect the public and serve alongside of some of the most tenacious men around, then we could really use a woman like you on the squad. As you know, we encounter situations that get rowdy, violent, and sometimes even dangerous, but we’ll teach you ways to neutralize the situation. For instance, you’ll receive training in weapons, vehicles, and tactics, so if we need you to launch a stun grenade then jump inside an armored vehicle, then you’ll be 100% prepared to get the job done. If you’ll accept this job offer, then we’ll arm you with an assault rifle and send you on your way to conduct a search warrant. This is a high-risk situation, but we have faith in you!If you’re prepared to take the job as a tactical police officer, then we’ll send you this uniform. This exclusive costume designed by us will fit plus size women who are wanting to suit up and become a strong member of the force. The costume consists of a zip-up vest, pants, a clip belt, a knife holster which attaches to the leg, and black fingerless gloves. Just lace up your combat boots because you’re bound to be kicking down a few doors before you know it. We’re so happy to be welcoming a resilient woman like you to our task force!

Girl Police Officer Costume

Girl Police Officer Costume


She’s a crime-fighting purveyor of justice. Watch out bad guys! There’s a new cop in town.In the Girl Police Officer Costume your little lady will be the protector of the peace. Why leave chasing the bad guys to the boys when we all know girls can get the job done… and better! This no-nonsense costume for your budding law enforcer says “I’m in charge” but I’m girly too. She’ll love the shiny badge and buttons. And what’s a police officer without her handcuffs?Whether it’s Halloween or a trip to the park this little girl cop won’t stand for any nonsense! Bad guys beware! In her navy blue dress with silver buttons and a shiny police officer badge she’ll be stopping crime before it starts. Your cute but courageous police officer’s costume looks just like the real thing. With a black belt with silver buckle and some bad-guy binding handcuffs nobody’s gonna mess with this girl! Includes: hat dress belt handcuffs and badge. Does not include: glasses or boots.Please Note: Product may differ slightly due to manufacturer changes.

Adult Dirty Cop Officer Anita Bribe Plus Sexy Costume

Adult Dirty Cop Officer Anita Bribe Plus Sexy Costume


The Adult Dirty Cop Officer Anita Bribe Plus Sexy Costume includes dress, belt and hat. 1X2X (Fits most sizes 16-18), 3X4X (Fits most sizes 18-20). Sunglasses, handcuffs, gloves, pantyhose, baton and shoes not included.

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