Plus Size Lady Von Blood Vampiress Costume

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Forum Novelties Women's Plus-Size Lady Von Blood Vampire Costume, Black, Plus

Forum Novelties Women’s Plus-Size Lady Von Blood Vampire Costume, Black, Plus


Lady von blood adult vampire costume includes dress, caplet, and collar. Plus size fits most women, up to size 22. For more than 30 years, forum novelties has been a leader in the costume industry, as well as the joke, trick, magic, and novelty gift item business. Forum offers over 8,000 items to choose from, ranging from baby costumes, to adult and plus-size costumes, to pet costumes. Look to for…

Woman's Vampiress Burlesque Tutu, Black/Red, One Size Costume

Woman’s Vampiress Burlesque Tutu, Black/Red, One Size Costume


Be the spotlight wherever you go in our Vampiress Burlesque Tutu Skirt. The Victorian era proves a detailed look and rich fabrics are used to show off your dark Gothic sexy side. Our Vampiress Burlesque Tutu Skirt is short in the front with a beautiful bustle in the back to add an extra wow to any costume! This burlesque tutu is great for adding extra volume or to wear by itself. Gothic burlesque …

Women's Vampiress Costume

Women’s Vampiress Costume


Royal Vampira Adult Plus Size Costume Even Elvira the Queen of Halloween can’t compete with this sexy blood sucker Includes: Black dress, with red and white puff sleeves, and gold trim along waist, sleeves, and front of costume. Front of costume has sheer ruffled piece that lays elegantly across neck line, and red jeweled piece for that royal attitude. Matching high black collar, sheer tattered sleeves, and gold bow in from on dress, make this one dramatic costume. Available Sizes: Plus Size 16-20 Black petticoat, shoes and stockings not included.

Women's Josephine the Vampiress Costume

Women’s Josephine the Vampiress Costume


Josephine the Vampiress Plus Size Costume Napoleon’s Empress gone blood sucker! Costume includes: Dress with stand-up collar & Tiara Sizes available: Plus Size fits 16-20 Shoes NOT included.

Women's Plus Size Dashing Vampiress Costume

Women’s Plus Size Dashing Vampiress Costume


Being a brooding vampire seems like a pretty good gig. Not only do you get to live for eternity and beyond, but you also get to wear some really fancy clothing, you get to live in a castle and you get to stay up all night. You even get to sleep in an awesome sensory deprivation chamber (coffin) when you go to bed. If weren’t for that whole blood-sucking unpleasantness and not being able to see yourself in the mirror business, being a vampire would really be the bee’s knees. Maybe there’s a happy medium, where you can dress up like and vampire and stay up all night while avoiding all that blood drinking nastiness…Of course! Through the power costumes, you can totally dress up like a dangerous vampire, but you will still be able to see your reflection in the mirror and you don’t have to drink any blood. This Dashing Vampiress costume works perfectly for that. This plus size version of the outfit gives you the alluring look of a sophisticated vampire, since it comes with an elegant black and red jacket along with a white shirt front. Instead of drinking blood, you can drink some grape juice, like our lovely model here (you didn’t think that was real blood did you?).Just make sure to calmly reassure your friends that you’re not REALLY a vampire and that you don’t actually want to suck their blood… yet. Also, be sure to check out some of our great vampire accessories to fully embellish your look.

Women's Plus Size Delightfully Dreadful Vampiress Costume

Women’s Plus Size Delightfully Dreadful Vampiress Costume


Lurking in the back alleys of 19th century London or Prague was a mysterious breed of the undead. Transylvanian expats, these creatures of the night weren’t mortals, nigh, they were Vampires who vowed to spread their species throughout Europe! All it would take is a bite on the neck to turn their victims into one of vampirekind. And not surprisingly, these lady vampires weren’t very affable. They were delightfully dreadful!You can become a Victorian era Vampiress when you go in this plus size Delightfully Dreadful Vampiress costume. With the signature styling of this skirt and overcoat combination, you’re going to become a top vamp who knows a thing or two about finding fresh necks. And all you’re going to need to finish this look is a pair of fangs!This plus size costume is styled as a jacket and skirt combination ensemble. The gorgeous red jacket features a high collar, puffy shoulders, and lace trim around the wrists. A faux shirt front is black mesh lace, and seriously stylish. A stark black velvet skirt completes the ensemble, and only needs those fangs and a touch of macabre make-up to finish the effect. This costume is made and designed right here at, and in sizes 1X to 4X, we’re sure to have the perfect fit for you. Go in this wicked look, and we’re sure that there’s going to be plenty of fresh necks at your big get-together…

Girl's Victorian Vampiress Costume

Girl’s Victorian Vampiress Costume


Victorian Vampiress Child Costume A devil disguised as an Elizabethan lady of the royal court! Includes: Dress and choker with stand-up collar. Available Size: Small 4-6 Medium 8-10 Large 12-14

Women's Midnight Vampiress Costume

Women’s Midnight Vampiress Costume


Midnight Vampiress Plus Size Costume Sexy Vampire Princess Includes: Full length gown with slit on side, and high collar. Costume has lace printed sleeves, with oversized bell cuffs. Burgundy velvet like material on collar and bodice compliments this costume Available Sizes: 2XL (20-22) 3XL (24-26) Packaged in a hanging vinyl snap bag with color photo insert. Necklace and shoes are not included.

Women's Ruffle Vampiress Costume

Women’s Ruffle Vampiress Costume


Ruffle Vampiress Plus Size Adult Costume This is one sexy vampire! Costume features; Low-cut slant drop dress with ruffle detailing, drop sleeves with large gothic style collar. Shoes NOT included, please see accessories. Available Sizes: Plus Size : 16-24 **Costume is now available in Purple only**. Updated photo not available at this time.

Women's Victorian Vampiress Costume

Women’s Victorian Vampiress Costume


Victorian Vampiress Adult Costume Sexy ‘Fang-Tastic’ Victorian Vampiress Costume includes: Floor length, lace-up velvet gown in black and red with gold trim, draped sleeves, and stand up collar with attached choker. Available size: Small / Medium 2-8 Medium / Large 8-14 One of our very best sellers! Also look for the Victorian Vampiress Plus size (16-22).

Girl's Blood Vampiress Costume

Girl’s Blood Vampiress Costume


Blood Vampiress Child Costume Vampire Creature of the Night! Costume includes: Lovely long red dress that fades to black at the hemline has choker with collar and belt. Sizes available: Small 4-6 Shoes NOT Included.

Toddler Vampiress Costume

Toddler Vampiress Costume


Be glad that your little one takes after her mother when you outfit her with this Vampiress costume. Sure, her dad is a great man, but when it comes to Vampire business, no one takes care of the family quite like Momma! With your little girl in tow, your family is going to be the most respected group of Transylvanians that anyone’s ever laid eyes on. This cute and classic look is the perfect way to get her involved in the vampire action!Your little toddler will look so sophisticated in our ball gown style Vampiress dress, with beautiful deep red colors, perfect for a career in blood sucking, you won’t believe how grown up she looks, pause for that sad parental moment. With a sheer glitter overlay and a tulle petticoat she will sparkle and shine as she dances through the streets in search of all the candy she can get her fangs on! Make it a family affair true vampire fashion and dress up your entire family in our wide variety of blood sucking inspired costumes. Don’t forget the theatrical blood and vampire fangs for your little creature of the night! She’s going to need them to start her official vampire training, she will be unstoppable once she masters all of her vampy tricks! Make sure to hide all of that garlic and silver, you’ll want nothing to get in her way while she’s on the hunt!

Tween Victorian Vampiress Costume

Tween Victorian Vampiress Costume


Is your tween a fiend hunting the night for people’s life force? Well, she’s going to need a classy outfit so no Van Helsing wanna-be stakes her while she’s stalking her prey. Check out this awesome Victorian Vampiress Costume for tweens! It will be perfect for blending in at classy events and feasting upon the richest blood she’s ever tasted.Your little girl is starting to grow up and looking cute is no longer all she is looking for in a costume. No, she wants to look elegant as well as a tad bit scary, and we’d like to help her accomplish this tasking deed. With this Victorian styled outfit, elegance won’t be a problem. Just look at that tulle tutu and those lace glovelettes, they’re simply oozing with sophistication. Then once your kiddo is ready to get a handful of scares she can simply throw the included pair of wings on her back! She can take this hauntingly stylish costume to the next level easily with a little more help. All you need to do is check out our vampire makeup kits to give her a chilling makeover and give her a little dental work by grabbing the sharpest pair of vamp chompers you can find.She’ll be ready to climb up the aristocratic ladder by day and feast upon the blood of the wealthy by night. Let your little girl unleash her dark side this Halloween with this awesome Tween Victorian Vampiress Costume. Just make sure to watch your back, you never know when the thirst for blood will strike!

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