Mayan Queen Costume

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InCharacter Costumes Women's Mayan Queen Costume, Gold/Blue, Medium

InCharacter Costumes Women’s Mayan Queen Costume, Gold/Blue, Medium


Dress with attached cape and fringe trim neckline, embroidered corset with attached apron drop, vinyl and headpiece with detachable feathers, arm cuffs and necklace…

Women's Mayan Queen Costume

Women’s Mayan Queen Costume


Mayan Queen Adult Costume The Mayan calendar prophecies may just be a myth but why not party like its the end of the world! Heads turn and conversation stops when savvy masqueraders make a grand entrance in this super deluxe Theatrical Quality costume utilizing superior materials and trimmings along with true garment finishing. This style is available in multiple sizes for true apparel fit. The quality will be seen, felt and admired. Costume includes: Dress with attached cape and fringe trim neckline, embroidered corset with attached apron drop, vinyl and feather headpiece, arm cuffs and

Mayan Queen Lg Costume

Mayan Queen Lg Costume


Mayan Queen Lg Costume

Men's Mayan King Costume

Men’s Mayan King Costume


Mayan King Adult Costume The Mayan calendar prophecies may just be a myth but why not party like its the end of the world! Heads turn and conversation stops when savvy masqueraders make a grand entrance in this super deluxe Theatrical Quality costume utilizing superior materials and trimmings along with true garment finishing. This style is available in multiple sizes for true apparel fit. The quality will be seen, felt and admired. Costume includes: Tunic, cape, vinyl and feather headpiece, vinyl chest and collar armor, belt, vinyl belt drape, cuffs and shin guards. Available Sizes: Medium

Mayan Mendacity

Mayan Mendacity


Dr Elizabeth Pimms has a new puzzle. What is the story behind the tiny skeletons discovered on a Guatemalan island? And how do they relate to an ancient Mayan queen? The bones, along with other remains, are a gift for Elizabeth. But soon the giver reveals his true nature. An enraged colleague then questions Elizabeth’s family history. Elizabeth seeks DNA evidence to put all skeletons to rest.

Kelly Karate Meets the Mayan Queen

Kelly Karate Meets the Mayan Queen


Kelly Karate meets the Mayan Queen is the story of Kelly, a Karate Champion who goes on a school trip to Tulum, Mexico to explore the Mayan Pyramids. Somehow, during the trip, Kelly and her friends go back in time when the Mayans ruled. Kelly learns that the Mayan Queen is not what she appears to be and that often real power comes in a form that’s least expected.

Women's Boogie Queen Costume

Women’s Boogie Queen Costume


Boogie Queen Adult Costume Disco Fever! Costume includes: 70′s inspired zippered stretch poly jumpsuit with sparkly dot accents and matching glovettes. Available Sizes: Small ( fits 6-8) Additonal Sizes: Medium (fits 10-12) Large (fits 12-14) Wig, shoes and jewelry not included.

Women's Royal Queen Costume

Women’s Royal Queen Costume


Royal Queen Adult Costume In her Heart She Fears Alice Most of all! Costume includes: keyhole glitter tulle petticoat dress with checkerboard heart train and crown headpiece. Available sizes: Small Medium Large Extra Large Shoes, stockings, playing card crop and glovettes NOT included.

Disco Queen Costume

Disco Queen Costume


Disco Queen Adult Costume You’ll have the fever on Saturday night and be ready for a disco dance party. Includes: Metallic prism fabric dress. Available Size: Medium/Large 8-12 Bracelets and earrings NOT included.

Girl's Queen Amidala Costume

Girl’s Queen Amidala Costume


Queen Amidala Child Costume Star Wars Queen Costume Includes: Ceremonial dress and plastic headpiece Available Sizes: Small 4-6 Medium 8-10 Large 12-14 This is an officially licensed Star Wars costume.

Women's Evil Queen Costume

Women’s Evil Queen Costume


Evil Queen Adult Costume Mirror Mirror I am the sexiest of all. Costume Includes: Low cut black lace front, velvet dress with stand up collar. Train can be detached and used as cape Available Sizes: Small 4-6 Medium 6-8 Large 12-14 Extra Large 16-18 Perfect for a Vampire or gothic saloon girl for a great group theme. Fishnet stockings, petticoat, shoes, and necklace not included.

Women's Queen Gorgo Costume

Women’s Queen Gorgo Costume


Queen Gorgo 300 The Movie Adult Costume Great for a regal Greek or Roman Goddess! Costume Includes: Sexy lined lace Sparten dress and ivory tusk necklace included. Available Sizes: Small Medium *Earrings and arm cuff sold separately.

Women's Queen Hera Costume

Women’s Queen Hera Costume


Queen Hera Adult Costume Medium Queen of the gods on Olympus A great Greek, Roman, Egyptian, or Cleopatra costume Costume includes: Dress, belt, drape and crown. Sizes available: Medium – Fits womens sizes 8-10. This costume is also available in sizes: Small Large

Women's Red Queen Costume

Women’s Red Queen Costume


Red Queen Deluxe Adult Costume It’s time for madness! Costume includes: Dress with attached petticoat. Available Sizes: Small 4-6 Medium 8-10 Large 12-14 Extra large 18-20 Wig, makeup and shoes are not included. This is an officially licensed Disney Alice Through The Looking Glass costume.

Women's Renaissance Queen Costume

Women’s Renaissance Queen Costume


Scarlet Renaissance Adult Costume Look and feel like you’ve been transported back to the Renaissance with this beautiful and luxurious costume. Womens Costume Includes: Headpiece with attached veil, burgundy dress with gold detail around bodice and gold belt. Fits adult women’s small sizes 18-20 Also Available In: 2-6 8-12 14-16

Women's Sea Queen Costume

Women’s Sea Queen Costume


Goddess Adult Costume Greek or Roman, this toga is perfect for any party! Costume includes: Tri-color ombre gown with attached drape Available sizes: Small/Medium 2-8 Medium/Large 10-14 Necklace, headband and shoes NOT included. Also available in Plus size.

Evil Queen Adult Costume

Evil Queen Adult Costume


You’ll transform into an enticing villainess once you slip into our Evil Queen Adult Costume . This Evil Queen Costume features a s tretch satin dress with a corset-like boning and embroidery and a gold lace peplum overlay with an attached lace collar, a bustle, an underskirt with an attached tulle petticoat and a lace train, and a crown with jeweled accents. Shoes and apple are not included. Made of satin Includes dress and crown Hand wash only – lay flat to dry Click here to view our Size Chart

Girls Sweetheart Queen Costume

Girls Sweetheart Queen Costume


Give your little girl the royal treatment this Halloween with this Sweetheart Queen Costume. She’ll look like a character right out of a storybook and feel as though her greatest fantasy has finally come true when she’s running around in this lovely outfit. Get ready to let your kiddo take the throne and rule the castle for a night this Halloween!You have one of the kindest and fairest children you’ve ever met, so you know that she is fit to rule. Whether it be for a single night for a lifetime, you know that she would play the role of queen perfectly. With this costume, she will look like the most loving queen to ever reign. In fact, she has four huge hearts printed on the front of this beautiful dress and they aren’t like heart-tanks depicting a gage of life like in video games. No, rather they reflect just how much love she holds within for her royal subjects and the well-being of her kingdom. With this outfit, all she will need in order to reign supreme is a powerful wand or a mighty scepter as well as a lovely tiara to rest upon her head. Once she is properly equipped she’ll be fully prepared to enjoy a truly royal Halloween!If your little girl is ready to be pampered like royalty then grab her this Sweetheart Queen Costume and the whole block will become her kingdom. We are sure she will get her fill of king-sized candy bars along with plenty of other delectable delights this year when she parades around the town in this noble outfit!

Women's Vampire Queen Costume

Women’s Vampire Queen Costume


You have been plagued by a recurring dream. You’re in a huge, dark mansion. There are bat flying overhead, a crumpled crystal chandelier in pieces on the entryway floor. You’re trying to run, but as you fly by the foyer, you see your reflection in the mirror–you’re a vampire (which is weird because vampires don’t have reflections, but this a dream, after all)!This is actually quite a common nightmare. We get thousands of inquiries–usually right about this time of the year–from ladies asking us what it means. So, here is our humble interpretation: you have vampire lineage, lady, and it’s high time for you to take your rightful place in the realm of the night. In other words…move aside, Dracula, because there’s a new vamp vixen in town! She’s biting her way to the top and she’s sure to send shivers down all her victims’ spines as she approaches in this Women’s Vampire Queen Costume. We know, it’s a lot to take in (there’s a support group if you’re interested) but the news is, actually, very good. Vampire heritage is hard to come by these days, and the royal line lives in you!So, you may want to start sharpening your fangs if you plan on duking it out with old Drac for Transylvania’s top spot. We can outfit you in this sleeveless halter dress, lace gloves, and choker–but you’ll need to do the rest. We have a feeling after you settle that score the nightmares will ease up, but of course, that’s when the daymares may start to kick in! Happy haunting, your highness!

Women's Coffin Queen Costume

Women’s Coffin Queen Costume


Coffin Queen Adult Costume Wanna bite? Costume includes: Vampiress style high collar halter dress with tuxedo tail back and jewel charm detail. Materials: Polyester. Avaliable sizes: Small/Medium Medium/Large *Boots, hat and stockings NOT included

Child Renaissance Queen Costume

Child Renaissance Queen Costume


If you thought your daughter’s tea parties were already exorbitantly fancy for someone who just learned to spell her name, get ready for your jaw to hit the ground. Her soirees are about to go from darling to extremely dignified. Your little princess always did a great job of hosting you and the royal court (comprised of her most beloved dolls and stuffed animals), but newly-made royal modifications to her bedroom banquet will knock your socks off. Prepare to rummage through storage for your 80′s prom dress or shake off the dust from your wedding dress because only a breathtakingly elegant ensemble will grant you admission into her next big tea party. Your daughter upgraded her tea party’s dress code because her dress-up wardrobe has recently improved. No more tattered princess dresses and musty hand-me-downs because our exclusively made Renaissance queen costume is simply luxurious. As soon as she slips on this ornate gown, your daughter will feel like the ruler of the house. Featuring opulent fur trim surrounding the collar and a shimmering golden mesh overlay on the sides and back of the dress, this Renaissance-themed costume is prestigious in quality and craftsmanship. Included with the royal costume, a matching veil adds a noble finishing touch worthy of a magnificent little girl (such as your little princess, or should we say, queen?)You won’t be able to attend her little get-togethers in your jammies and sweats anymore, but childhood memories of tea parties with mommy will forever be enhanced because this beautiful costume is hard to forget.                  

Women's Medieval Queen Costume

Women’s Medieval Queen Costume


Bow to the Queen! It’s been a long journey to the throne room, so it’s time to sit back and enjoy all you’ve accomplished during your time in the capital. You might not have all of the royal family left to help you out, but by this point, all you have to do is rule, and we’re sure that you’ve got it covered. Just make sure you look the part. With this red and gold dress, all will respect your power, and your style! It’s the true look of a lion-hearted queen, and whether you rule with leniency or with an iron fist, everyone will agree on at least one thing about your legacy—you looked good doing it!

Women's Egyptian Queen Costume

Women’s Egyptian Queen Costume


Egyptian Queen Plus Size Adult Costume You’ll feel like you’re close to the fertile grounds of the Nile River in this! Costume Includes: Dress, headpiece, and collar. Available Size: Plus Size 16-20 Snake jewelry, wig and shoes NOT included.

Child Queen Amidala Costume

Child Queen Amidala Costume


Being a Queen isn’t ever an easy thing to do, especially if you have to deal with galactic war. But if any one can keep their cool while making the right decisions it is Queen Amidala. She had to deal with her planet of Naboo being invaded by the Trade Federation’s battle droids and also trying out run evil forces trying to hunt her and her Jedi friends down. But even with all that she came out victorious and helped save her planet by joining her people with the Gungans. Now your little Star Wars fan can feel like royalty in this official costume.

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